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About Us

We are an inclusive fashion brand that aims to offer an extensive size range across all of its offerings. We wanted to create a company that offered the best possible product and made it available to as many women as possible. Women used to need labels like “straight size” and “plus size” to know whether something was available in their size. Well, we don’t like labels. Our goal is to offer every style in every size of our range, from size 2 to 28.

Our intial collections are inspired by our founders Indian heritage and our love of colorful, unique pieces that are hand made and hand embellished. Each design a timeless work of art. We work with women entreprenuers and local artisans and help promote their products globally, which makes an impact on their lives and community. We’re a small company now, and our inventory is small too — but stick with us and watch what we can do.

@ NUARRA we are LOVERS of shapes and colors.

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