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Navy patchwork tote

Navy patchwork tote

$ 99.00



Hand-made tote featuring a bohemian-inspired design with colorful thread embroidered throughout and patchwork allover. Short straps with compartment for simple storing.

The embroidery is mostly done of a blue or a brown colored cloth that is quilted. This way, the color contrast is easily decipherable and moreover, the embroidery looks beautiful. Sometimes quilting stitches are used in patterning in which cotton threads are used to create unusual geometric patterns. Sometimes cotton or woolen thread is used to create intricate embroidery.

Besides purses, bags and clothes, they also make a head piece. This is called an “indhoni” and a woman keeps it on her hand to balance a water pot on her head.

Size: 20" length; 15" height: 6" width. Handle drops 12 inches

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