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Red tote with gold thread work

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$ 119.00



Hand-made red tote featuring a bohemian-inspired design with gold and colorful thread embroidered throughout and shimmering embellishments allover. Short straps with compartment for simple storing.

Originating from Northern India, the popular tribe Banjaras moved to the Central Plateau in India in the 17th century and during the reign of Aurangzeb, a prominent Mughal Emperor. They are now spread over the Deccan Plateau, living in small villages referred to as “tandas”. Today, they work as casual laborers. Fine clothes and tribal jewellery makes the Banjara women look more beautiful. Even while occupied with hard labor, they wear their jewelry in all its finery. They work in the road construction sites, breaking stones....

Size: 20" length; 15" height: 6" width. Handle drops 12 inches

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